Ansible for DevOps - 50% off on LeanPub for Black Friday 2017

Though I've had a little less time to work on the book lately, I'm still very much invested in keeping Ansible for DevOps the best and most up-to-date guide to using Ansible for infrastructure automation. It's been over two years since the first '100% complete' edition was released, and in that time I have published over 200 updates on LeanPub—and even have full test coverage for all the book's examples, which are open-sourced and available in the Ansible for DevOps GitHub repo!

Ansible for DevOps - 50% off for Black Friday 2017

For this year's Black Friday, I'm discounting the book—50% off—but only on LeanPub. I like to push readers to LeanPub, because:

  • I can most easily publish frequent updates to the book via LeanPub (Kindle and iBooks only get updates 4x per year).
  • There is no DRM on LeanPub, ever—and you can choose what format you want!
  • LeanPub is the most generous and awesome publishing platform for authors I've used.

So special thanks to LeanPub for making Ansible for DevOps the #12 all-time most popular book sold on LeanPub, and the most consistently-up-to-date book on Ansible!

Go ahead and get a copy of Ansible for DevOps from LeanPub for 50% off before the deal expires!