Reeder (RSS reader) for Mac released - finally out of beta!

Reeder, the new best RSS reader for Mac, is finally out of beta! It's only $9.99, on the Mac App Store.

Reeder Icon

I used NetNewsWire back in the early '00s, but it has become a complicated beast, and after learning about Reeder beta 1 a few months ago, I was an instant convert.

Reeder is great, because all I ever do is arrow-down through news stories, glance over ones I might be interested, press 'B' to open the really interesting articles in my browser, and then press 'A' then 'return' to mark all stories as read.

It's fast, simple, elegant, and hides a ton of extra complexity (in case you want to do more with it than I do). I love it even more on the iPad... it's simply the best solution for iPad or Mac. I don't bother reading news feeds on the iPhone much, though (I use both NetNewsWire and Reeder on that platform).

More on Reeder and RSS:


Totally concur, when I switched to the Mac almost four years ago I started using NetNewsWire which was so much superior to any of the multiple Windows RSS readers and had options I really liked.

When Reeder came out on the iPad I bought it based on the strong reviews and haven't looked back. I love when a program takes advantage of the environment it is in instead of just porting over a program. Reeder was a true iPad app and while NetNewsWire was quite capable on the iPad - the UI wasn't made with the full potential of the iPad in mind.

When Reeder first became available on the Mac as a beta I started using it and simply left NetNewsWire for the Mac behind and then I bought it as soon as it became available in the Mac App Store - good programs need to be rewarded.