15 Minutes...

I don't know what it is about today, but my name was mentioned on three separate sites! I guess that's what I get for my infrequent blogging, dropping behind on LOLSaints postings, and general lack of updates around the web over the past few weeks (I'm plugging away like gangbusters on flockNote v3!)...

The Crescat

One of my favorite Catholic blogs, by a great margin - The Crescat mentioned an OSV article (which I had almost forgotten about—that's how much my mind is focused on work right now!), and was pretty inflated after reading that I 'religiously' follow her musings. Still haven't met the lady, but I have a friend and former co-worker who I imagine to be her nefarious (I kid!) twin sister from St. Louis. You know who you are!

OSV - Guide to the Internet

Speaking of OSV... here's the article: The OSV Guide to the Internet 4.0. Some great resources within, and you can even download the PDF of the pages from the publication within.

The Curt Jester

Speaking of funny blogs that I follow religiously... Jeff Miller over at The Curt Jester extended an already side-splittingly fun list of punishments various Catholic bloggers might face in purgatory (believe me, we bloggers are gonna get a lot of extra time up there for all the procrastination-time we rack up!).

What a day! Well, now that that's up, back to flockNote... a LOT more to come on that front, soon.

P.S. Just created another Drupal module, Honeypot—the fruit of a few minutes' work on flocknote.com this morning :-)