iPad Apps for Which I am Waiting

My credit card is quite ready to dump some money on the following, when they're released:

  • Coda for iPad: We need a good IDE for the iPad, and Coda screams iPad, already; I would be willing to heft over a pretty penny to have Coda on my iPad... even without terminal support, or the useless CSS editor.
  • Podcasting Suite: Something like GarageBand lite; just enough to record multiple tracks (maybe 2-4, with the ability to split right and left channels from a USB audio input (like the iMic) into separate tracks. Then add in a small library of music beds, stingers, etc., and I'm in love.
  • Tabbed Browser ala Safari on the Mac. Even if I can only open three or four tabs, it would be so nice to leave them open for later viewing, without having to leave my current browser tab/window.

Coda is the only one for which I really have a pressing need. The others can wait, but would be awesome.


All good choices.

There is an iPad app that does some basic file editing and ftp'ing...can't remember the name...but yes Coda would be awesome.

GarageBand Lite. I like it. I know some iteration of the iPad is going to have camera/vid...when that day comes, GBL would be perfecto!

While searching about Coda for iPad I came across something similar (trying hard not to use the word rip-off). I'm guessing it's not as good as Coda would be, but have a look in the app store. it's called Gusto.

It looks pretty good, but I would need syntax highlighting and SFTP before I could thrown $9.99 at this app :-/