At the Salesianum Outside Rome

The Redemptorist's XXIV General Chapter is being held this year at the Salesianum, a retreat house / hotel/resort / convention center that is owned by the Saletians. The Salesianum is located about 30 minutes west of Rome's city center, and is set between some hilly farming areas and a major highway.

Salesianum - Side View with Palm Tree
Many beautiful Palm trees surround the Salesianum.

Also on the property is a beautiful field/hillside of olive trees; pictured below is a single olive on one of the trees. I spotted a pretty good variety of flora and fauna while walking around the property.

Olive on Tree in Rome
A lone olive on a branch. Like an olive branch!

Below is one of a group of Peacocks peahens I noticed while walking along the southern border of the property. Apparently Peacocks peahens can fly (I had never seen this before), and they also make a loud squawking noise when agitated. It was an interesting sight to see!

Peacock on Roof
He She says "Top of the mornin' to ya!"

Finally, the property affords a gorgeous vista of the sunset. The two pictures below were taken about twenty minutes apart, and show the final moments of the sunset, then a little bit of Roman dusk:

Sunset Roman Hills
Beautiful sunset in Roma!

Dusk in Roma
Dusk in Roma - there were livestock grazing in this meadow.

All in all, the property is removed from civilization to the greatest extent possible, and is very comfortable and beautiful. I will be posting many more pictures from my excursions to the Pictures section of this site soon... hopefully tomorrow! Until then, "Arrivederci!"

[Update: Here's an album of pictures from the Salesianum]


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The photo of the peafowl, 3rd photo down, is clearly female--a peahen, not a peacock. Ahem, "SHE says, 'Top of the mornin' to ya.'"

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