Hate Crime against Catholics in Louisiana (UPDATED)

From A Saintly Salmagundi:

"This Monday the Catholic anti-abortion student group at LSU called "Students For Life" that had erected a display of nearly 4,000 crosses on the LSU Parade Ground over the wekend to commemorate the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade found the exhibit vandalized.

There are several things that make this story important. First, is that an LSU police officer saw five individuals removing a large number of the crosses just after midnight on Monday, but did not report the individuals.

Second, the major news outlets in Baton Rouge and in the state did not give adequate coverage to this incident. The local Baton Rouge TV station covered the story, and the local paper put a blurb in about it. The best coverage you will find is in the LSU student newspaper, The Reveille (Michelle Malkin linked to the story yesterday).

Finally, under Louisiana law such an action of damage to property based on religious beliefs can be constituted as a hate crime.

Please help the LSU Pro-Life Community by spreading the word about this crime. If you are interested in getting more involved you can call Mary Higdon, President of LSU Students for Life,(225) 772-9024, and Richard Mahoney, President of St. Mary and St. Joseph Family Memorial Foundation, (225) 802-8920."

I have personally talked to one of the organizers of another Louisiana Catholic group that placed 4,000 crosses in the ground. They spent quite a bit of time, and had many dedicated volunteers work on this project. It is a shame that the perpetrators of this crime can run free, after all the hard work that those who installed the crosses must have done. Please try to help in this case, if not by calling someone, then by prayer.

UPDATE: From A Saintly Salmagundi:

The ring leader of the vandals sent a letter explaining the evils of the cross.

In response to charges that the crosses were political crosses and not religious crosses thus no hate crime, and to profile the LSU Students for Life, read this weekly column.

And the original sources (one and two) of the political crosses.

Problems inevitably happen when someone becomes confused over the true meanings of Freedom (hint: it has to do with God and truth).