Anti-Catholocism in American Culture - Pope Pius XII

In researching my previous post, I found a nugget in Robert Lockwood's Anti-Catholicism in American Culture:

"Another approach to discrediting the Church — and one in which the news media are quite culpable — involves distorting Church history or Church teachings, or giving disproportionate attention to actual or alleged misdeeds by individual Catholics.

Consider, for example, what Newsweek's Kenneth Woodward has aptly named the "monstrous calumnies" being perpetrated against Pope Pius XII. "Something shameful is going on," Woodward wrote about the concerted effort to portray Pius and the Catholic Church as having been "silent" during the Holocaust — in the face of considerable evidence to the contrary, indlucing expressions of tribute and gratitude from so many leaders of the Jewish community. Yet the news media dutifully report such accusations as accepted truth, without any apparent need to supply evidence, or to even acknowledge the contradictory evidence."

Hmm... the media not being responsible??? GASP!