Abortion Doesn't Hurt Women, Does It?

From a pro-abortion woman who recently commented on the PROLIFE Wristbands:

"[After my abortion], I fear I would go out of my way to tell all the antis who say "Abortion damages women!/All women feel guilt after their abortions!" that I am neither damaged nor guilty. Not for any productive reason. Just to watch the fur fly as they try and insist that I REALLY REALLY do feel guilty, I just don't know it."

(I'd rather not give the link to the author's site; much of what she had to say was tasteless and vulgar.)

The problem here (besides a new abbreviated label for Pro-Lifers) is that this woman doesn't quite understand what we mean when we say women need healing after an abortion.

While it is true that many women have serious physical complications after their abortions (it is a surgical procedure, with possible complications), many have apparent psychological scars and many regret their abortions, there are some women who do not actively feel any guilt or pain, either physically or psychologically, after their abortions. But the whole person is comprised of more than the physical and the psychological.

If we dig deeper, we find a person's soul. This soul can become severely damaged after an abortion. In fact, in the words of the Code of Canon Law (#1398), "A person who procures a successful abortion incurs an automatic (latae sententiae) excommunication." Procuring (bringing about) an abortion creates a harmful condition for a person's soul--the soul becomes mortally wounded.

Therefore, even if a woman does not feel any psychological or physical pain as a result of abortion, she will still be hurting. She may not 'feel' guilty, but she nevertheless has a responsibility to properly form her conscience, and abortion is not a morally correct means, no matter what the end.

This is why the Pro-Life movement works to heal women after they have had abortions, and tries to prevent women from having abortions. Abortion (the taking of a baby's life before it is 'born') is an intrinsic moral evil, and it must be prevented at all costs. The Catholic Church works to heal the wounds caused by abortion by reconciliation with God through wonderful ministries such as Project Rachel (among others).