2005 Pro-Life March - Wrapup - War of the Words (UPDATED x2)

I am Pro-Life.

I am not an enemy of life. I am an ardent supporter of all human life; from the moment it starts (conception, when sperm meets egg), to the moment it naturally ends.

And yet, I am a 'foe'. I am an 'enemy', according to most media sources. Take a look at these headlines:

Some may think that this is a non-issue, but it is not. Many members of the media are playing a game with words, trying to make pro-lifers sound like bad people, and 'pro-choicers' sound good. This is an example of a euphemism. Planned Parenthood and its media allies use words such as 'anti-abortion', 'foes of abortion', 'anti-choicers', and the like to make Pro-Life people sound bad. And they make the supporters of intrinsically evil abortion sound good by calling them 'pro-rights', 'pro-choice', and 'women's rights supporters'.

We, as pro-lifers of a new generation, must respond with unparalleled vigor in the 'War of the Words.' It is a very important war to win -- it is one of the stepping stones that must be overcome on the road to final fictory: an end to abortion and the devastation that it entails.

UPDATE: Thanks for the kind words from The Dawn Patrol, Myopic Zeal and JivinJehoshaphat!

UPDATE 2: Someone has raised the objection that I am being hypocritical by calling those who are in favor of abortions in 'rare cases' "pro-abortion".

Here's my argument:

These people are 'pro-abortion', even if they are 'pro-abortion' as minimally as possible. They are pro (for) abortions in certain cases, so there is, by no stretch of the imagination, no problem with me calling these people 'pro-abortion'.

Someone is for the death penalty, even if he or she hopes it is only used in extreme cases -- this is the same as with those who are for abortion, even if in only rare cases. (But, let the record be set, I am not for the Death Penalty in the U.S., but that's a different argument ;-).