World's Smallest Baby (Updated)

This story has been picked up by some of the major media outlets (albiet as a minor story), and I thought it was a wonderful example of the viability of a life inside the mother's uterus.

World's Smallest Baby Survives Birth in Illinois

She was born the size of a cell phone, weighing just 8.6 ounces, but Rumaisa Rahman now holds the new world record for the smallest baby ever to survive, according to her very proud doctors at Loyola University Medical Center.

That's where Rumaisa (pronounced roo-may-sa) and twin sister Hiba, who weighed just 1 pound, 4 ounces, were born on Sept. 19.

Today the world will get to meet both girls, now 3 months, along with their parents and medical team, at a news conference at the medical center in west suburban Maywood...

Hiba, which means "gift from God" in India, could be home by Christmas, while Rumaisa, whose name means "white as milk," could be home in January, doctors said.

Truly amazing, isn't it? We have proof, time and again, that the 'fetus' inside a mother's uterus is a living human child, and yet Planned Parenthood would have you believe otherwise (in fact, they say fetuses might not even feel pain!)! What a sickening world we live in! A society's respect for life must begin at the moment of conception. It is wrong to kill a baby inside a mother's uterus. Let us pray and hope for a day without abortion.