How to Stream from Tricaster Broadcast/Pro to or Watershed

How to Stream from Tricaster Broadcast/Pro to

The following instructions are based on this video, embedded below:

Preliminary Notes:

  •  You need at least version 2.5 of Tricaster software.
  •  Download 2.5 or later at (go to my downloads).
  •  For Watershed, the process is similar, but you need to get the Flash XML file from Watershed directly.

First, you'll need to turn on the Tricaster, and make sure it's connected to the Internet. You should also try to make sure you have a relatively decent (and stable) Internet connection, for obvious reasons. Some problems may be caused by a restrictive firewall, as well, so watch out for that. (Check your Internet upload speed using - you should have at least 300-500 kbps upload).

On the Tricaster computer, on the Internet

  1. Click the X on the right side of the screen and select 'Admin mode' to go to the Desktop.
  2. Go to, and login.
  3. Go to your account on Ustream, and click on the 'Manage Your Show' button, then under that, 'Settings.'
  4. Click to expand the 'Advanced settings' at the bottom of the Settings page, and click the link to "Download the Flash Media Encoder XML file."

On the Tricaster computer

  1. Go to Start > Run..., and type "winrtme" and hit Enter
  2. Go to Start > Programs > Adobe > Flash Media Encoder 3 (ignore any errors).
  3. Go to File > Open Profile, and open the flash file (XML) that you downloaded earlier.
  4. Copy out the "FMS URL" and "Stream" values so you can paste those into Tricaster Studio later.
  5. Close Flash Encoder.

On the Tricaster computer, in Tricaster Studio

  1. Click Launch Tricaster
  2. Click on the 'Record Stream' tab.
  3. Choose one of the two 'Flash Ustream' stream types from the "Stream Type" dropdown menu.
  4. Paste in the values for the "FMS URL" (begins with rtmp://), and "Stream ID."
  5. Click "Stream Live Output" to begin streaming to Ustream.

On another Internet-connected computer, on the Internet

  1. Log into and click "Broadcast" to start broadcasting LIVE...
  2. The Ustream console will appear (if you have multiple shows, you need to select which one to broadcast first).
  3. Manage your Ustream broadcast using the Ustream console on this computer.

That's it! You should be able to stream from your TriCaster now. Happy broadcasting!

Read more about streaming your live events via or Watershed on Open Source Catholic.


I have tried this but when I start to broadcast from the UStream dashboard my only options are the webcam on my laptop or the Uscreen Capture. The Tricaster stream does not show up.

If it's not showing up, it is probably a problem getting the Flash Media Encoder stream out to the web from the Tricaster itself. Triple-check everything in the first few steps, and make sure you get the proper XML file loaded and configured.

Hi I have tried loads of times and yes the quality is bad, do need to choose the ustream from the drop down menu ? I want to broadcast to the world from my school but can't really get a good picture out.

It really takes some experimentation; also, if your internet connection isn't very good, the picture's definitely not going to be very good (the important things are ping times and upload speed. Most places I've been have lower-cost DSL or Cable connections, and the upload speed is horrible/unstable.

I have got the file from ustream, iopen flashliveencoder and open profile, it asked me to check the video device is working or not already in use, it is working and not in use since its the tricaster, it does not load up the settings from the profile, I ignore that and press start and its then asking me for a valid video size. It is driving me mad, I have used this before but only got a static shot online, now it wont even load flash live encoder propery, i have uninstalled and reinstalled it too... grrrrrrrr

When I've tried running "winrtme" or the flash equivalent, it says it cannot find such a task/file...

I have however been able to log in to browser-based broadcaster via the "Stream" gear during a live broadcast and it seems to work that way, but it's not the best quality.

What am I doing wrong?